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Female costume: The most widely adopted costume for female dancers is the lehenga-choli coordination, which is occasionally accompanied by an unstitched odhani or dupatta, a veil worn over the shoulders. The lehenga or the loose, flowing skirt is usually ankle-length, the choli is a tight fitting blouse with countless variations in sleeve and yoke patterns. A lesser worn is Anarkali, a set of a upper-body garment that spreads out loosely from the bust line and a churidar, which is a skin-hugging legging.

A distinct Mughal costume is Angarkha which is much like the kamez-churidar set or the lehenga-choli set, but slightly tighter. A small peaked cap is an essential in Mughal costume, both for male and female dancers.

The accessories comprise of a tight waist coat, waist belt, bangles, necklace, ear rings, and a range of matching ornaments.

In the purely Indian dance, a sari is also worn, with a churidar as legging.

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