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Contemporary Kathak

The resurgent form and spirit of Kathak in independent India is nothing less than a renaissance of the art form after the British demotion. It is a unique case where modern and post-modern thought has been absorbed in the stage art without disturbing its centuries-old traditional format. Tireless pursuit for innovation and individualism by contemporary masters has succeeded in brandishing Kathak as a modern classic, a true metaphor for today’s global Indianness, one which is proud of its heritage and lineage while at the same time being acutely aware of the need to constantly update, upgrade and innovate.

Perhaps it is because of this transformed persona of Kathak that it has been able to connect intimately with the youth. Although it is traditional, it is not orthodox, and that is why countless young girls and boys across the length and breadth of the country are ardent and avid students of this dance, being trained under dedicated masters.

Truly then, Kathak has come a full circle. From being banished as a lowly form of stage art by the British, it has today regained its lost glory; one which best represents the innovative, inclusive, accommodative and adaptive spirit of globalised India.

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