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Founding philosophy of Nupur Academy

Nupur Academy’s approach to kathak is simplistic, explorative yet profound. It perceives kathak as an iconic symbol of Indian culture and heritage, and hence harbours a firm belief that by grooming its students in kathak, it is also infusing cultural anchorage and a proud sense of nationalism which is essential to create a value system in the youth’s mindsets, especially when India is taking rapid strides towards globalisation and multiculturalism. This, kathak attains a status beyond an ancient Indian dance form and becomes a culture label which Nupur Academy wants its students to wear proudly, just like they would an Armani jean or a Lacoste. On the other hand, kathak training at Nupur is also viewed as a tenure whereby critical virtues like the importance of sincere pursuit of one’s aspirations, hard work and dogged determination to achieve success are infused in the student’s belief system with strict yet friendly mentoring method. Jignaji sincerely believes that these inputs play a critical role in the character construction of youngsters during their formative years, and will certainly help her students become responsible citizens in future.

As far as choreographic aspect of kathak is concerned, Jignaji’s approach is to firstly build a strong and knowledgeable technical/normative kathak foundation during the initial learning process so that the dance’s core ethos and elements are imbibed in the dancer’s training, and then at progressive advance levels, individualisation, experimentation, innovative interpretations of narratives, and other such nomenclatures are taught to the students, so that they can develop their own style as future exponents.

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