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Kathak – The Timeless Indian Dance Tradition

Kathak is one of the seven classical dance forms on India. Its genesis can be traced to ancient North India, which includes Pakistan, where the nomadic bards practiced Kathak in village squares and temple courtyards to narrate and portray either historical or mythological tales. For many centuries, this art form remained regenerative, being passed linearly from one generation to another. The dance’s evolution dates back to third and fourth centuries B.C. With passage of time, Kathak metamorphosed into a fully mature dance form by 13th Century A.D. As it transcended into the fifteenth century, the religious-devotional era of Bhaktiras which enchanted the entire northern and central planes captivated Kathak’s narratives and stylistic rendition too. Thereafter, Kathak was anointed with the status of courtly dance during the Mughal reign. In the ensuing British raj, Kathak was demeaned as a mundane dance. However, the adaptive and enduring spirit of the dance form has succeeded in retaining its glory and grandeur throughout its historical timeline. Since India’s independence, the country has witnessed a groundswell of Kathak renaissance, and its resurgent avatar has evolved not only as a dance form, but as a core representation of Indianness. The dance has successfully imbibed the two cherished aspirations of global India in its form and spirit, that of blending the traditional with the contemporary, and illustrating unique unity in diversity. Today, Kathak has emerged as India’s cultural ambassador, one that has awed and inspired the world in equal measure.

Through this web site and its continuum, the sponsors, NUPUR NRITYA-SANGIT ACADEMY aspire to impart knowledge and know-how about Kathak to inquisitive minds around the world. The humble effort is an open date with Kathak and an open invitation to be a part of the resurgence of one of the world’s ancient dance legacies that is proudly practiced even today.

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